Scientific Testing

Resulting from our commitment to ongoing R&D, Filtersafe has been involved both independently, with our research partners and with our customers in developing scientific tests specifically for the ballast water treatment market.

These tests have consolidated our knowledge of fine-filtration in BWT, and propagated market leading product performance and durability.


Zooplankton Analyses Download (31.7 Kb)
LR Marine Design Appraisal Document General Approval of filtration units BS31, BS61, BS101, BS151, BS201  Download (147.5 Kb)
LR Design Aproval 20/7/12 Download (127.0 Kb)
LR Design Approval for Multifilters 2013 Download (459.5 Kb)
JQS - Cert. of Qualification Download (1.1 Mb)
GL - Design Certificate Aproval Download (739.9 Kb)
FPAL- Cert of Qualification Download (247.5 Kb)
Filtersafe Sediment Prevention 2013 Download (1.3 Mb)
Filtersafe BS-400 Testing Download (267.3 Kb)
Filtersafe BS-1200 Testing Download (384.4 Kb)
Filtersafe 1 bar Download (309.4 Kb)
BV Approval Download (272.1 Kb)
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