At the heart of every Filtersafe filter lies an advanced automated filter cleaning sequence in EverClearTMEverClearTM utelises a uniquely crafted set of patented technologies derived from our industry experience. EverClearTM successful performance largely revolves around to key attributes:

The exclusive combination of these technologies enables EverClearTM to deliver unparralled filtration performance under even the most demanding of maritime environments.


Low operating pressures

Only NozzleXTMproximity nozzles allow Filtersafe® automatic filter the capability of sustained, smooth operations as low as 1.6 Bar (22psi) head pressure.

Even at such extremely low pressures, our NozzleXTM proximity nozzles confidently clean 100% of the screen after each flush cycle, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted filter operation without any risk of ‘blindness’.

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Automatic Filters for BWT

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