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Shipping Technology Global  - SMM Presentation (2016)

Filtersafe announces the BS-1406 Multi screen filter (Chinese)

Professional Mariner Web Bulletin - Filtersafe doubles capacity in anticipation of Ballast Water Convention - 2016

Ballast Water Management - filtersafe doubles capacity to meet bwmc demand (2016)

Tanker Operator - Filtersafe to double capacity (2016)

Filtration Separation - Filtersafe equipment used in 15 vessel Optimarin order (2016)

Hellenic Shipping News - Filtersafe ballast water system equipment used in 15 vessel Optimarin order for VARD (2016)

Ballast Water Management - Filtersafe wins subcontract for 15 bwms units (2016)



PUB Algae Testing Publication 2015

Evaluating the effectiveness of upstream automatic screen filters in reducing algae in fresh water feeds at waterworks

Ballast Water Treatment - New Regulations Could be in Force 2010

As the market for ballast water systems continues to grow, Wendy Laursen looks at some of the technologies designed to meet future legislation.

BWT Publication 2009

View the entire Ballast Water Treatment bulletin

Dealing with Blooms 2010

Algal blooms are just one of many natural variations in sea water that challenge the efficacy of ballast water treatment systems. they occur in coastal waters and sometimes cover hundreds of kilometers.

Emerging Ballast Water Management Systems 2010

There is an urgent need within the shipping industry for the development of costeffective and environmentally friendly Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMSs). Driven by this need, the technology community has been actively developing various BWMSs to cater to the emerging ballast water technology market.

Fouling Prevention in Desalination Plants

Combined low concentrations of copper (5 mg/l and chlorine (50,mg/l have been effective in preventing both micro and macro-fouling in over 120 seawater installations since 1987. This paper will outline the development of the technology, and demonstrate how it can be applied to the desalination industry. Recent trials with a copper/chlorine dosing unit on a reverse osmosis RO) test rig in the Gulf will be discussed.

Guide to Ballast Water Treatment Systems 2013

The waiting game continues as the IMO looks for a further 6% of the world’s tonnage to ratify the Ballast Water Management Convention. IMO secretary general Koji Sekimizu said in February at the subcommittee on bulk liquids and gases that he had a “serious concern that, more than eight years after its adoption, the conditions for entry into force have not yet been met”.

OceanSaver, Shipping & Marine

Established in February 2003 by a group of professionals from the worldwide marine supply arena who conceived the notion of using nitrogen within ballast water as a treatment measure, OceanSaver is today a recognised specialist in efficient and unique Ballast Water Management (BWM).

Southern Nevada Braces for Quaggas 2007

The discovery in January 2007 of a small striped mussel in Lake Mead was met with dread. Once the creature was positively identified by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service experts as a quagga mussel (Dreissena bugensis), the event marked the first recorded occurrence of the mollusk in the western United States.

The Filter Specialists, Shipping & Marine 2012

Filtersafe CEO Etai Dagan and a team of filtration specialists founded the automatic screen filtration company more than ten years ago with the intent of servicing the new ballast water treatment (BWT) market.

The Quaggas Have Arrived 2007

For more than a decade, a small but wary group of scientists have been preparing for an invasion everyone hoped would never happen: the infestation of an aquatic nuisance species such as zebra mussels in our western waters, especially the giant reservoirs along the Colorado River.

Weave Wire Screen Technology 2010

Excerpt from BWT bulletin 2010
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