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19 January, 2017

Merry christmas and happy new year

22 December, 2016

Filtersafe @ Sea Technology Magazin

28 September, 2016 Filtersafe, Tefen Industrial Zone, Israel, has been selected to supply key elements of ballast systems for use in 15 Topaz vessels being built by VARD in Romania and Vietnam. The BS-050 filter is a single-screen, horizontal configuration filter that is compact and has a very low flush-flow rate.

Pre-treatment filtration for ballast water

20 September, 2016 Pre-treatment filtration of Ballast Water Treatment (BWT)
systems is emerging as a critical issue for ship owners
and operators. Automatic screen filters are increasingly
needed within the maritime industry as the IMO's D2
ratification and USCG’s AMS implementation draws closer.
An article @ "Filtration + Separation"

FilterSafe Doubles Capacity to Meet Demand Created by the Ratification of Ballast Water Convention

21 February, 2016 FilterSafe, a leading manufacturer of high volume ballast water filtration equipment, is doubling its manufacturing capacity to meet demand created by the looming introduction of the Ballast Water Convention which requires all ships to treat their ballast water.
FilterSafe is aiming to double production from 750 ballast filtration systems a year, to 1500 in the future. To do that it is expanding employment at its facilities in Hong Kong and Israel and is doubling the size of its manufacturing plant in Israel, increasing the area from 2000 sqm to 4000 sqm.
Manpower levels grew 25% in 2015 and are expected to grow another 20% this year.
Demand in East Asia, which has a large ship building industry in China and South Korea, is growing rapidly as new ships are equipped with ballast treatment systems. To meet that demand, and ensure fast delivery, FilterSafe is aiming to increase production in Hong Kong.

FilterSafe Introduces BS-1406 Ballast Water Filter for Large Scale Marine Applications

28 January, 2016 Filtersafe, a market leading manufacturer of high volume ballast water filtration equipment for the shipping industry, is introducing its newest model, the Multi Screen BS-1406 ballast water filtration equipment for large scale marine applications.
Able to filter up to 4,000 square meters of ballast water an hour (m3/h), and weighing 10,994 kilograms, the Multi Screen BS-1406 filtration system is designed to capture even the smallest pollutants and marine animals. It has 25μ-40μ Filter screens and can be fitted with in/out connections from 500 to 600 mm in size.
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Automatic Filters for BWT

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