The market preferred filtration solution in Ballast water

The market preferred filtration solution in Ballast water

Hundreds of installations with zero system failures

Hundreds of installations with zero system failures

Reliable, durable and with proven performance

Reliable, durable and with proven performance

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Filtersafe® specializes in the development & supply intelligent automatic screen filters for ballast water, oil & gas markets as well as industry. With high performance fine filtration solutions for RO, Membrane, Disinfection & ultra-fine filter treatment protection, Filtersafe® brings unrivalled economy, value and environmental responsibility to seawater, freshwater & brackish water filtration.

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Automatic Filters for BWT

Get introduced to Filtersafe's automatic filters for ballast water treatment.
Single Screen Single Screen
Compact design with very low flush-flow rate. Ease of maintenance, Includes a preliminary course screen.
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6 July, 2015 BMW Tech
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5 July, 2015 New Compact Ballast Water Filters Launched
Filtersafe announced the launch of its ‘Compact’ line of ballast water filters, a new range of self-cleaning filtration systems designed for use in vessels with limited space or for retrofit installations.

The new, single screen compact filters are designed to handle flow rates of between 50 to 550 cubic meters an hour (m3/hr) using 25, 40 or 50 micron screens, with the ability to operate in vertical or horizontal configurations.

Produced with fewer parts, the service area has been reduced by 40 percent, meaning the Compact filters are easier to maintain and have a longer service life, the manufacturer said.

IMO regulations require all ships to implement a Ballast Water Management Plan and the new filters, which are approved by the Administration, comply with expected changes to the ‘International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments’ (BWMS).

“The superiority of Filtersafe’s technologies and its emphasis on collaborative R&D
28 April, 2015 Israeli company FilterSafe signs a cooperation agreement with HK shipyard Yiu Lian

Israeli company FilterSafe signed a cooperation agreement with the Hong Kong based shipyard Yiu Lian. The company, specializing in Ballast Water Filtration systems, will cooperate with Yiu Lian in manufacturing and installing the filtering systems in an expected market of 20,000 ships in the next 5 years.

This new large market is due to a new convention on Ballast Water Management (BWM) that will go into effect in 2017, and requires all new ships be equipped with a filtration system, and older ships should be retrofitted. To read more about this convention visit this page.

FilterSafe’s leading technology, combined with Yiu Lian’s extensive experience in ship retrofitting will allow both sides to grow fast and enlarge their costumer portfolio in the next few years.
23 September, 2013 New Supply Agreement Between Filtersafe and Wärtsilä
We are delighted to announce that Filtersafe and Wärtsilä Water Systems Ltd have signed a Supply Agreement for our BS-Series automatic filters to be integrated into Wartsila's AQUARIUS BWT systems worldwide.

Shown in the photos Dr. Joe Thomas, Managing Director for Wärtsilä Water Systems Ltd and Mr. Etai Dagan, Managing Director of Filter safe.
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